Barnyard Millet upma

Toddler food with barnyard millet as upma. loaded with veggies.

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I dare you, again!

When you are trying alcohol for the first time. You feel dizzy, maybe nauseated and funny. People differ though. And when you end up trying all variations of alcohol, lots, the first time, at the same time. It’s chaos. The room of spinsters, all in their mid – thirties, Koel, Shona and Nats, define the […]

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Book review – Encounters Of A Fat Bride

Title:                      Encounters Of A Fat Bride Author:                Samah Genre:                  Indian, Fiction, Humour Publisher:            Penguin Random House India 2017 Review: Encounters Of A Fat Bride is a light-hearted read. Madhurima ‘Madhu’ Pandey is the 25 years old over-weight protagonist. Just like an average Indian family, her family is eager to get her married. Soon the […]

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A letter to my past self

This year on International Woman’s day I have joined hands with amazing ladies to celebrate womanhood. Chip in our Women’s day blog party and see our take on womanhood. Few would amaze you, some would make you go laugh rolling on the floor and there would lots of emotions. Hosted By: Mommying BabyT The Dreamer […]

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Table for two and a quarter

A plate of hot food and taking a bite while inhaling the aroma in a fine dine. You might know the dream, if you are a new parent or parent of a toddler. Dinner with toddler is always an adventure. And I already have bag of mixed experience with my now toddler son, Penguin. Mr. Fabulous […]

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Penguin, my boy wears PINK

Dolls are for girls and guns for boys. Isn’t it? Merely 16 months old and my toddler boy, Penguin has received heaps of gifts. Starting with rattles to walkers. He even got a remote-controlled car. (Face palm) Honestly, during initial days I hardly noticed the color, or functionality or material etc. But one fine day, […]

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Superbottoms – Review

When Penguin was born a year ago. We tried our best to keep him safe and sound. We used good quality baby care products, maintained hygiene and everything which was needed . I was staying with my parents, my bapa (father) promptly took charge of doing Penguin’s laundry. Every morning he cleaned the soiled cloth […]

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