A letter to my past self

This year on International Woman鈥檚 day I have joined hands with amazing ladies to celebrate womanhood. Chip in our Women’s day blog party and see our take on womanhood. Few would amaze you, some would make you go laugh rolling on the floor and there would lots of emotions.

Here is my take as I pen a letter to my teen self.

Dear Past self,

This is your future-self writing you. You must be wondering if it is another poor joke. Life is already a mess and there comes a letter like this. Relax, take a deep breath. I time travelled to pass on this letter to you. I am more than a decade older to you now. Are you thinking what is the content here? Thinking maybe you can figure out what to do after this 12th board exam. Or I would drop hint of your broad exam score. Sorry to disappoint you, I am here to let you know I love you so much. I am what I am for you.

Oh dear, are you upset now for not knowing your future? Let me give you a bear hug. Okay am dropping few subtle hints now. You are going to score reasonable and land up in good place for graduation. Happy now 馃槉

Now let鈥檚 talk about situation in your hand. Your friends moved out-of-town. You can hardly talk to them over phone but you exchange letters. Both of your best friends adore you. With passing time, they would get real busy in their lives and gradually you would stop receiving letter. Hey, now don鈥檛 frown, you are going get emails. Yes! Yay!! Agreed that you don鈥檛 have a desktop or internet but soon an internet caf茅 is going to near your place. That sounds fun right!

Are you thinking if I am going to talk about that new confusion going around? I know you are nodding. You are not understanding why you are feeling awkward with your oh so loving cousin. Your mind is in chaos. You are unable to concentrate on your studies and your report card shows it. You are scared why in the middle of night you are waking up with clothes disarray and stickiness at places. You are confused why of all relatives and friends, his stare, hug, touch and random talk is making you uncomfortable. You even stopped taking his help in studies. You have stopped doing Surya namaskar as he has started coming to terrace. Talk to your Maa now. Go tell her. She would clear your doubt. She would make the bad wolf ran away. But first get up and talk. Maybe you can save your other cousins or friends from this confusing thing.

Also, dare you think, this was your fault. And you are so strong girl. You are such an innocent soul. Don鈥檛 take any bullshit and muddling going to happen. Fight your nearing battle. Roar, roar loud and make those gossip mongers shut. You got a tigress as mom, lucky girl.

You have a habit to criticizing yourself, stop it. Don鈥檛 be so hard. You have abilities. You are kind, determined, passionate and creative. This phase of life would end soon. Your today鈥檚 anger would melt down and your smile would shine. You can do it. And I am so proud of you.

Your loving,

Future self.

On International Women’s Day our inbox and social media would be flooded with quotes praising womanhood just to ignore it the next day. When a lady is dishonored or abused in a million ways, debates are held on securing public places and what not. But, are we safe at our own home? Awareness is needed. Let’s educate our children on sexual abuse and give them support to stand.

This blog post is a part of #Womensdayblogparty.
I’d like to thank Jasmeet for introducing me. She is an artist and mom to a cute Mr. H. Read her post for this blog party here.
Also do go to my friend Shivani blog post here to read her perspective on the topic.

Table for two and a quarter

A聽plate of hot food and taking a bite while inhaling the aroma in a fine dine. You might know the dream, if you are a new parent or parent of a toddler. Dinner with toddler is always an adventure. And I already have bag of mixed experience with my now toddler son, Penguin.

Mr. Fabulous and me started taking Penguin to restaurants or street joints when he was about 8 months old. Our first dine was a perfect recipe for disaster, dim lights, stares from other customers and a wailing infant. Penguin was scared with low lights and strangers. There was no nursing friendly space and I had my first Nursing in Public (NIP) exposer. It was the night of firsts. But we were not ready to stay at home or wait for years till our boy grows up. We were audacious to take Penguin for at-least once a month out again. Most of the time breastfeeding was the saviour and gradually I became a pro in NIP.

So, here I sum up all our experience to help out other parents who would like to visit a restaurant. These things worked out for me and my son is 15 months now. Hope it helps someone 馃槉

The choice of restaurant

Always go for a family friendly restaurant. A noisy place would keep the toddler (baby) engaged. A well-lighted, colourful and some music could keep them in awe for few moments. Asking an energic bundle to stay quiet and say sshhh every minute is hard to enjoy a good meal. In case, you guys are in for a prime spot, you got ignore those stares 馃槈. Ask for high chair whenever possible.

Must have essentials

A mother knows the best, even the unpredictable needs of her baby. Mom鈥檚 bag got everything under the sun, right? Yet have a note of few essentials like a

路 Waterproof bib

路 A sipper cup

路 An engaging bag of toys and books

路 Wipes wet and dry.

路 Baby food (optional)

路 Own cutlery (optional) etc

A nursing mother might like to keep a sling or nursing cover handy. At times moms have to be a pro in Nursing in Public (NIP).

Food for all

Though we expect and wish our kids to have homecooked and super nutritious food, we just can鈥檛 ignore them here. You can pick few non-spicy or less spicy options, like steamed rice, pancakes, idly, plain dosa, grilled potatoes etc. While, restaurants with a kid menu are bliss.

A happy baby

Infants might, though chances are rare, stick with parents but an exploring toddler would always try to move. Take turns with your partner to take toddlers out for a walk. Try playing few games and earn those giggles. The busy engaging bag mentioned above also keeps the little one involved. Encourage the child to interact with servers or other customers. A smiling baby is loved by all.

A vital point for parents and caregivers would be, considering child鈥檚 status. Always take a fresh, well rested, well fed baby (optional) to feast. Handling a cranky tired toddler in restaurant is disastrous.


A well planned and well equipped dine plan may end up tragic any moment. Be prepared for unexpected end. Windup fast. Patience is the key and all you need to eat a warm meal at your favourite joint.

My experience still lacks to understand a toddler older than 15 months. Also, I am keeping my fingers crossed and gaining some strength for the growing tornado toddler. Maybe few months later I would horn my skills on handling the grown up and jot the then knowledge.

Stay awe-inspiring till next post.

Penguin, my boy wears PINK

Dolls are for girls and guns for boys. Isn鈥檛 it?

Merely 16 months old and my toddler boy, Penguin has received heaps of gifts. Starting with rattles to walkers. He even got a remote-controlled car. (Face palm) Honestly, during initial days I hardly noticed the color, or functionality or material etc. But one fine day, my little neighbor lady, just 5 years old, discover a strange thing. Her words, 鈥淲hy is he wearing pink?鈥. And that hit me. My then 5 months son was wearing a PINK tee. I was speechless to her question.

The eye grabbed Pink tee

We adults are making a kid believe the Pink & Blue world. Pink is for girls where they show feminine characteristics, they are soft, empathetic, venerable and what not. Meanwhile Blue is for those strength, passion and others. But can the qualities of human be discriminated by colors. Girls are strong and boys do show empathy too. Gender discrimination by color was created by fashion manufactures. Remember those prehistoric skirts, donned by kings and emperors. Be the length be knee-long or ankle-long or other, it was loved by Greeks, Egyptian, Victorians alike.

And my boy wears PINK. There is nothing revolutionary about boys embracing the color, it is all about cognizance block.

Faulting the Pink cap and mustache printed Pink bottom wear.

And my boy wears PINK. There is nothing revolutionary about boys embracing the color, it is all about cognizance block.


Superbottoms – Review

When Penguin was born a year ago. We tried our best to keep him safe and sound. We used good quality baby care products, maintained hygiene and everything which was needed . I was staying with my parents, my bapa (father) promptly took charge of doing Penguin鈥檚 laundry. Every morning he cleaned the soiled cloth nappies, dipped those in pail of hot water followed by antiseptic liquids. This tiny sized baby was happily producing buckets of soiled laundry. Honestly, I didn鈥檛 bother the situation. I was barely surviving the feed-pee-feed-poop- sleep cycle.

But Penguin decided to add masala to our boring life. He began wailing before peeing and continued almost 20-30 minutes post-peeing. I was already overwhelmed with new motherhood and the new tadka was exhausting. He loved to wail especially when I felt sleepy or was actually sleeping (read midnight). Thus, disposable diapers entered our life. It was easy. Once soiled, I did the hard work of throwing in nearest bin. This continued till Penguin was about 3 months old. I didn鈥檛 have any thoughts to look for options till I stumbled on an article. I found that disposable diapers which ease my life by a fraction was hurting the environment a lot.

Disposable diapers

  • Loaded with chemicals
  • Hurts the environment
  • May cause diaper rash
  • Add-on purchases rash cream, wipes.

Then I searched for options till I found Superbottoms鈥 through Instagram. Yup, that鈥檚 true. I discovered few other brands too but Superbottoms rule my Penguin鈥檚 diaper stash.

Superbottoms is an Indian brand making Modern Cloth Diapering affordable, easy and stylish. They make high quality cloth diaper with a desi swag.

Just in case you are wondering what is Modern Cloth Diapering (MCD). I got you, I have been there.

MCD is langots remodeled in curved rectangles with leak-proof covers. Bonus point, it is chemical free and Eco-friendly. In long run it is pocket friendly too.

I have been using it for around 7 months. I use all 3 variants 鈥 Cover, Pocket and AIOs. We have almost every design, so you know my fandom. (winks)


As this post is all about my opinion, so I won鈥檛 be going details with explaining the variants.

I stick to cover diapers and pocket diaper during day. Nap time is the diaper free one. And prefer AIOs are for night time.

I have found these doesn鈥檛 hurt my little man鈥檚 bum, our diaper rash cream has a permanent place in shelf and hardly moves. I being a busy lazy maa keep soiled diapers in a wet bag till they are overcrowded and dump in washing machine. Wipe the forehead after the workload. Additional point is I can easily adjust the size for my growing baby. One size fits for long.

But they do have few cons,

  • Camera and mobile memory slots would be filled with cute bum shots. Mine had!
  • You would fall for every quirky design and might become impulsive buyer. There goes the saving 馃槓
  • You would plan baby outfits, match the diaper and dress.

If you can adjust the few grey side of MCD 馃槈go for it. It is worthy. I can recommend it to my friends.

A special mention to Superbottoms team who give prompt response to my queries over whatsapp. Customer service on point.

P.S: I use rustic art laundry powder for MCDs. Not a sponsored post. Also I want not exclusively cloth diapering.


Morning walk with Penguin

Morning walk is more than fresh air and Vitamin D.


鈥淓arly morning exercise will keep you active for the entire day.鈥
鈥暵Lailah Gifty Akita,聽Think Great: Be Great!

Be it a warm morning or cold breezy day, our morning walk is a must. A dose of fresh air and loads of sunshine are vital for babies and adults alike.

When my baby, Penguin, was a day old, my family used to expose him to early morning warm strands of sun. This ritual continued for long. Once we moved back home, I used a stroller and we roamed around a block. Soon, we ditched the stroller and adopted babywearing ways. Now Penguin has grown independent and walks, rather runs around.

When I started this morning ritual of walk, my objective was limited to a good dose of Vitamin D. Gradually I found many understated benefits. (Read on 馃槉). We go outdoor around 8 AM or so, and stay out for at least 1 hour.

OOTD on a warm morning

Modest benefits

Our morning walk is all about fun, creating memories and educational. We feed pigeons, chase butterflies, wave bye-bye to people and notice many every small action along the way.

  • Physical

My now 14 months toddler loves walking. As he started walking without any support around 13th month, he is still in phase of enjoying freedom and independence. Every morning he chooses the path to explore and I follow. He either picks to walk along road or go to park nearby. Walking has promoted his stability and strength. He can independently climb up the stairs to slide and also climb up the slide. Also, he is climbing stairs to a floor about 15-20 steps holding walls or fingers. Recently, he amazed me when he crawled-climbed-walked a small 10 meters slope in the park independently.

Independence and sense of freedom boost toddler鈥檚 self-esteem. Also, it increases their attention, focus and sense of physical awareness.


  • Social

Penguin, my son, is a shy child. He still takes his own sweet time to give a smile to strangers. But thanks to a daily social interaction the ice is breaking. Kids love to play with other children irrespective of age. While same cannot be said for their liking towards grownups. During our daily walk we interact with kids walking to school or waiting for bus, office goers, shopkeepers, other morning walkers, animals and birds too.

Gradually Penguin is becoming a social butterfly. He waves bye-bye to every passer-by, calls animals and birds, says good morning with a nod to regular faces.

  • Cognitive and speech development

Starting from Penguin鈥檚 infancy during the walk I used to point and show everything to him with a description. Like a tree, car, bike, kids, swing, flower, everything. Like when we spot a flower I said a red colored rose or white hibiscus or a brown dog or a red car. Also, the shape of stones or pavement floor etc. Now he can recognize animals, birds, objects etc. Along with animal recognition, he responds with animal sounds. We even smell a flower or two.

It is not a secret that morning walk boosts our immune system. A day starting with a walk by outdoor (especially unpolluted nature) keeps kids calm, happy and healthy.

There are few unexpected benefits for mothers or caregivers who follow around the active kids. An active walk with kids helps to get rid of postpartum weight loss. With regular walk one would surely feel happier and lighter. And the unspoken benefit for mothers is, the boon, kids get tired and sleep giving moms few moments of much-needed 鈥淢E time鈥.

With so many benefits I try never to miss our morning walks, but kids are unpredictable. I have seen days when Penguin refused to walk or interact. So, I had to discover new fun ways to allure him.

Fun ideas to make morning walk interesting:

  • Explore a new pathway. When Penguin gets bored with same 2 鈥 3 path options to walk, we walk-around another block.
  • Take a ball to play.
  • Make bubbles. Always a hit!
  • Collect fallen flowers or pluck few fresh ones.
  • Gather nature around. Twigs, rocks, sand, flowers, fallen leaves, etc
  • Take a book. Though one can鈥檛 read and walk, yet take a break and read one. I use to take Eric Carle鈥檚 book of words and match with things around.
Collecting flowers and twigs

P.S. Always remember to dress the kids appropriately for the walk. Also, avoid taking kids under harsh sun.


Journey of life, so far.

Three decades of my life had been quite a thing. As I try to recollect my life, I had achieved a few childhood goals, made few great friends and have crawled back from dark abyss. So, have tasted sweet-sour-bitter moments.

Born as a girl, I have seen my parents struggling for their daughters. They were often ridiculed by others for providing us education, freedom and support. I am really grateful to my parents for standing by me.

One can say am even luckier after marriage, Mr. Fabulous try making conscious effort to have our life warm and comfortable. It鈥檚 no joke to quit a 9-5 regular job and do Masters after marriage. Handling studies, internships, research projects and in-laws is tough job. So, Mr. Fabulous a big thump鈥檚 up for being there.

When I used to think, Oh God this is so tough! Why did I scored a A, I deserved A+? Life is unfair and all. God said, my child let me show you what failure is and how tough you are. Then my life got a sharp U-pin bend.

It was like I have stepped in unknown land and don鈥檛 know where to go. Now, it feels as it was similar to Alice 馃槻 . After those three years of struggle, I am now so grateful to life, family and God.

Now am trying to cross the bridge as it comes. Living this moment to fullest as now am Maa to my little Penguin.

Stay tuned for next update.