10 things to try before baby turns ONE

When my Penguin turned big ONE. I was confused where had time gone. I was sleep deprived, emotionally exhausted, crying over breastfeeding issues and suddenly my boy was one. I am not cliche but those days really felt unreal. I had a bucket list with Penguin when he turned one month old and soon it was filled with long list. So, sharing here my bucket list as Penguin turned one. Some of them make lovely memories for life time.

  1. Document each month and milestones

As a new mother I was always exhausted. But at the end of 1st month I realized that tiny human was indeed changing. He was getting muscles/fat over bones. His sleeping pattern was getting crazy. He would respond to sound of rattle and his grandparents voice. I started recording new events and milestones. Almost two years later those are the most precious memories for us. We had monthly photo shoots done at home. Thank me later for those documented memories.

  1. Introduce booksย 

The first introduction was quite unconscious way. My mother used to read newspaper every afternoon. When Penguin was about 3 months old he started to respond to flip of pages. He used to try to pull them and tear. Taking that as a clue I introduced him to books during tummy time and soon he grew interest in books. According to studies, exposing babies to books in the first year is crucial to their intellectual and emotional growth.

  1. Exercise with baby

I gained 17 kilos during my pregnancy and with a difficult breastfeeding experience I forgot to take care of myself. 4 months after the baby I started baby wearing and going regular walks twice a day. I started stretching twice a week or whenever time permits. I lost all pre-pregnancy weight with proper diet and exercise. I feel fitter now. Though I donโ€™t have a flat tummy still I can run behind now a toddler all day. Exercise and get fitter now. Else when once baby starts walking you might tire out easily.

  1. Photoshoot

Get a professional shoot done. Though you might be able to click those perfect Instagram picture. Yet getting one done would be worthy. You might choose to do the shoot indoors or outdoors, during party or a cake smash. We had a memorable cake smash too.

  1. Celebrate a festival with elders

In India we celebrate a festival every now and then. As we stay in nuclear set up, we wanted to celebrate at least one with entire family and tam-jham. Luckily Penguin celebrated many functions with family during that year. Take lots of photos and videos of those family get together.

Celebrating Penguin’s first birthday according to lunar calendar
  1. Introduce Music

Introducing music to infant is easiest thing. Starting with rattles to kitchen vessels infant can create music and stay glued. Once infants can sit independently banging vessels would their favourite play. You can enjoy personally curated rock concert. Just kidding!

  1. Vacation with baby

Go on a vacation with baby. Till baby is under 6 months old and if exclusively breastfed, itโ€™s the best time to travel without fussing over baby food. Later keep your baby food items handy and travel. See the places through delighted eyes of baby and relax. It is the best way to unwind.

  1. Solo flight with baby

If you feel adventurous take a solo flight with baby. You can never forget that experience. You can read my account of first flight with 10 months old here.

  1. Introduce flavors of Sweet, sour, bitter and salty food

Generally, babies are introduced solid food after 6 months. Some parents start with fruits other go with veggies. You might choose on traditional weaning or baby led weaning. We choose traditional weaning with fruits and moved to vegetables. Further, we tried introducing variety of food with different taste, texture and nutrients. By end of 1st year Penguin had tasted sweet apples, sour lemons, bitter turmeric, etc. However, we refrained from adding salt and sugar in his diet. Water was introduced after 6 months.

  1. Endless cuddles. Wear them.

By end of first year or little later babies would start walking. Soon they would love to run around and you would miss those chubby delicious cuddles. Spend time in cuddling them. If you like try baby wearing. It would allow you to do your daily work while wearing the baby. It eases your life.

What were you memorable events,milestones as baby turned big ONE? Did you had any wishes as your kids officially turned toddlers?

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34 thoughts on “10 things to try before baby turns ONE

  1. The kids growing phase is always something to cherish with. I still remember, my son was born a bit sooner than expected, and I was on travel. No one wants to send his picture saying it’s not good for baby ๐Ÿ™‚
    Had to fly back after 14 days to see his face! Memorable moments.
    Now, things are completely different,

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  2. One is big number is sent baby’s. Life do as for parents. The first year is filled with so many things that moves around the new born. Taking time out as a family, relaxing with the baby and celebrating every moment is very important.
    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa

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  3. I think I did not do the first one, and I wished I had done it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and of course introducing books to babies is the easiest because they are so curious about everything ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. These are such precious moments with the baby before he/she turns 1, Pragnya!

    And I’m glad that we had all of these with our baby before she turned 1.

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  5. Such a beautiful and heartfelt post, loved reading about the memories you created. We used to celebrate our son’s birthday every month, decorate the house and cut the cake and then take loads of pictures. Those were the wonderful days, it was something we used to do to bring some joy and fun to celebrate parenthood.

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  6. Same here when you are first time mom, you got to do a those above mentioned things as you feel your kids memories should not get missed out. I love all those pics which we saved as memories…

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  7. a very cute post Gunjan. It took me back to my first year with babyT. I wish I had taken more pics and recorded more milestones.


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