Children books we loved this December

I am a bibliomaniac. I enjoy reading wide genre. Thankfully Penguin also love his books. We cuddle together and read books. Here, is our list of most loved book this month and why Penguin loves them.

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“Soda and Bonda” by Niveditha Subramaniam

Recently, Penguin started differentiate gender as boys and girls. He noticed how one set wear frocks and other don’t. According to him, he sees no other difference. Both run, skate, jump and wear pants. (The way kids see world with similarities, it’s saddens adults don’t.) So, it’s important to know that you can be anyone under your skin and that’s okay.

What better way than reading a book that broaden your views?

Soda is a dog who feels like a dog. Bonda is a cat who feels like a dog! Soda is a dog who feels like a dog. Bonda is a cat who feels like a dog! Here is a quirky story about two friends, which makes us think about who we are and how we see ourselves. On the surface it’s about a cat and a dog, about friendship. It also raises questions about identity and acceptance. A little story about big things around the way people are, rather than what one think of.

This book is ideally for 3-6-year olds. But then someone told me once, follow the child. Initially Penguin read this about cat and dog, last week he asked our neighbourhood dog if he wanted to go meow. 🤷

“Hello, Goodbye” by David Lloyd illustrated by Louise Voce

Ever wonder why we ‘Greet’? According to Wikipedia – Greeting is an act of communication in which human beings intentionally make their presence known to each other, to show attention to, and to suggest a type of relationship between individuals or groups of people coming in contact with each other.

A big brown bear says “Hello” and all friendly creatures around the tree exchange “Hello”. Until it begins to rain and all say “Goodbye”.

Reasons we love reading this one –

This is a simple repetitive story.

Nice illustrations.

Easy to understand and fun to read out loud

Encourage readers to greet as you meet friends.

Learn about animals and birds living in branches of tree, and deep under roots.

This book can be used to read with young babies as early as 4 months.

“Bolo Kya?” written by Pridhee and illustrated by Abhilash

This is lift-the-flap book with words in Hindi. For ease of readers find it hard to read Hindi, it’s written in Hinglish too. Illustrations are quite different from other board books in our hand. Lifting flaps reader can match cut outs with shadows. That’s our game these days. Short words are easy for Penguin to imitate soon. This is also our first riddle book.

It would be appropriate by 2 years and above.

“Shhh!” By Julie Skyes

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa’s feeling jolly. He is so excited, that he can’t keep quiet. He tries hard not to wake up the children as he delivers all gifts.

What we loved about this book?

Santa’s childlike excitement makes it a delightful read.

Bright colored illustrations are lovely.

We loved the animals and warm characters like reindeer, cat, snowman ⛇ and more. All trying to help Santa to keep his excitement in wrap.

What you read with your child(ren) this month? Do let me know.


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