Toddler daily chores responsibility – 2-year olds

Children are smarter than we give them credit off. They can easily do household chores like a baby boss.

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Breastfeeding struggles: Real Stories

The World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) organizes the World Breastfeeding Week from August 1st – 7th every year to mark the anniversary of Innocenti Declaration. Innocenti Declaration is the UNICEF breastfeeding support programme “On the protection, Promotion and Support of Breastfeeding”. It recognizes that “Breastfeeding is the unique process that provides ideal nutrition for […]

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Decoding Hyperlactation

In my previous post I have shared My Story of Hyperlactation. In case, you missed it or want to read, it’s here. Are you wondering, what am I talking about? What is hyperlactation? How to read the symptoms? What is the reason and solution? Read on. What is hyperlactation? Immediately after birth, newborn feed on […]

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My story of Hyperlactation

Last year, 2017, I found about the World Breastfeeding Week. As the breastfeeding week was going on, Internet was flooded with beautiful tips, advantages and colorful experiences. I found few really inspiring stories and help for low milk supply. But another topic is quite left out, it’s overabundant milk supply /hyperlactation. My story of hyperlactation […]

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Everyday conscious footprint

The green grass, clean sparkling water, chirping birds and blue sky, all these are going to appear soon only in picture books. Can the next generation even see those? Have you seen those recently and inhaled deep? As a parent, I want to give my child a greener and cleaner planet. Many of you would […]

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